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path of exile currency itemsTest your fluffing skills.

path of exile items
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'Downton Abbey' as SNES video game: Fluff those pillows!
Test your fluffing skills.(Credit:Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)It's fun to sit around and play "What if?" What if Google acquired Microsoft? What if Superman and Spider-Man made a movie together? What if "Downton Abbey" were a Super Nintendo game? We have a pretty good answer to that last question.YouTube user Bill Kiley posted a video showing what the imported PBS megahit would look like as an SNES game. It comes complete with an insanely catchy digital ditty that's perfect for the SNES period. As a new footman at Downton, you're faced with a myriad of tasks that come fast and furious.First, you have to path of exile currency items find the Earl of Grantham's misplaced cigars. Then, you must investigate a possible poisoning in the kitchen. Later, the head housemaid, Anna Bates, demands you push "L" and "R" as fast as you can to path of exile items fluff pillows for the guests. Related storiesOnline game shoppers duped into selling soulsAnthropologist: Apple is a religionThere's a cutlery identification challenge that most people in the world would fail miserably at. The aristocracy continues to boss you around, sending you off to locate the Dowager Countess's hidden jewels. A mock-up image of the fictional game box calls it "tastefully POE Items exciting."Comments from "Downton" fans on the YouTube page are fairly effusive. One viewer even declares it to be better than the movie "Titanic." It seems like the legions of Downton fans would pay good money to play this game, me included. Are you listening, Nintendo? I want to fluff some pillows with a game controller ASAP.(Via Geek When Spoken To)
'Downton Abbey' as SNES video game: Fluff those pillows!

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